Weatherby Healthcare
Emergency Information

updated: 9/4/2019 16:16 MST

Status message:

Our Weatherby Healthcare office in Fort Lauderdale, Florida is open and conducting business as usual. Our office in Durham, North Carolina is also open and conducting business as usual. 

If you are a healthcare provider on assignment and need on-the-job emergency assistance, please contact your assigned facility and/or your Weatherby Healthcare consultant immediately.

If you can't reach him or her, call our emergency number: 888.611.4254.

NOTE: If you are trying to access the Weatherby Healthcare provider portal, please go to this page:

Emergency Contact Information

General: 1-800-586-5022
Travel After Hours: 1-888-312-7249
Risk Management (Adverse Patient Events): 1-800-294-0943
Provider Emergency Information Line: 1-877-223-5453